Hollywood and the Fruitcakes of Quantico

Fuck Hollywood
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All the raggedy Hollywood mags have been telling us of doom and gloom in Hollywood these days because movies and especially television are falling out of favor.

And no wonder!

Every time Hollyweird launches another new television season the San Freakcisco weirdos come out in full bloom. And the normal people among us don’t want any part of it!

When the now cancelled show Quantico was launched, my wife and I settled in to watch the season premiere. We record everything on a DVR and were hoping for an exciting plot and show. We should have known better. This was Hollywood and it was not to be.

No, the homosexual script-writing freaks polluting Hollyweird had other plans.

VomitNot two minutes into the show we were treated to a scene in which two faggots taking a selfie on their smartphone and in a disgusting clip having nothing to do with the show or plot LAID WET ONES ON ONE ANOTHER — causing us to nearly lose our dinner.

It was disgusting and reprehensible. Something you’d expect from the occupants of San Francisco perhaps, but this was supposed to be a new show about the FBI!


Instantly we stopped watching, deleted it, and UNprogrammed it from our DVR.

And Hollywood added another slobbering pile of puke show to the growing list of garbage shoveled out of an industry that millions of normal people now refuse to watch.

ADVERTISER AND SPONSOR ALERT! Wake up and WISE up! You are wasting globs of money sponsoring this putrid garbage and you ought NOT to be supporting the leftist mold that leeches out of that filthy place called Hollywood.

No wonder television is dying!

Quantico is only one of the most recent chunk of projectile vomit shows to die.

Quantico has DIED! The final insult was when the pieces of garbage that write Hollywood’s puke-filled scripts ensured the demise with even more political leftist rot, which finalized the decision to kill the rat-infested show: Read More

The Hollywood left harbors deep hatred for our country and spews venom and bile at America whenever it can.

Thy are about to regroup to launch a new, organized attack on America, our moors, and ideals via television like never before — concentrating on perverts, gayism, sexual freaks, and of course, Negros, Mexicano types and Muslims.

Thanks to a wayward, liberal Supreme Court, now on the way to repair, the liberal leftists of Hollywood doubled down and went for the gold star, making past endeavors seem tame.

There is an ongoing plot among the creatures that inhabit Hollywood and we will expose it here and now as the disgusting, hateful, dreadful cabal it is.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, the writers of television shows began years ago a campaign to sneak into scripts the vilest, most disgusting, obnoxious liberal ideology they thought they could get away with.

But at LibsRNuts.com we catch it all. And then some.

The scripts reflected the most disgusting aspects of liberalism. Using what they thought were subliminal tactics, the unbalanced liberal writers, producers, and sicko actors began shoving reeking, stinking liberalism at us via quips and clips in plots during shows that literally could make a conservative puke.

In no particular order and without regard to date we will examine some of these reprehensible attempts (forgive any omissions) and the disgusting liberalism they tried and FAILED to conceal in the shows. Some of this is pathetically funny; some is pathetically sad. But ALL of it is tragic. It is tragic that liberals with an ideology that advocates the destruction of our country can thrive and exist.

BOSTON LEGAL: Starring great actors like William Shatner, James Spader and Candice Bergen, the show quickly became a “must watch.” And Boston Legal was a great show until towards the end of the run it veered sharply left. The leftist writers had always cast Shatner (Denny Crane) as a ‘Neocon’ loon with Mad Cow disease a bumbling idiot who was, of course, a pro-gun conservative.

They managed to ‘sneak’ onto the wall of seemingly every office a photo of Clinton (who of course was not then president), and generally maligned anyone and everyone on the right while extolling the virtues of liberalism.

Then they brought in Betty White — a real life liberal loon — to spew even more leftist crap and began inserting into the script enough liberal vomit to finally compel us stop watching the puke-fest before the final episode. We could no longer stomach it.

Liberalism wrecked the show.

Watch a small outtake from the show which made it so great until liberalism reared its ugly head.

The gift that Islam keeps on giving.24: 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer), until the PC police mangled it, was a terrific show that demonstrated in stark reality the dangers of Islam and Muslims. Show after show, week after week, we watched Bauer as he fought against the terrors and horrors of Islam. Then the liberals came.

24 was killed off as we knew it because stupid liberals are dumb enough to believe that Islam really is a “religion of peace” and only "a few" Muslims are terrorist savages. So how could a Muslim be rabid? So then we got a “new” version of 24.

VomitIt was a version we could not watch it was that sickeningly left. The President of course was a female liberal. The enemy was no longer Muslim now it was an obscure African war lord who was killing poor, innocent Africans. The show and the whole enchilada (is that RACIST?) turned as far left as it could go.


But even after Sutherland's real life bout with the law it still aired, proving that Americans are willing to tolerate virtually anything, swallow anything, be force-fed anything as long as they have their little TV to watch. Shame on you if you’re still watching!

LAW AND ORDER: Until Jerry Orbach tragically died of cancer, Law and Order was a great show, renewed season after season. Orbach held the show together despite most of the characters being real life liberal loons on a liberal mission. Sam Waterson played the D.A. and in real life is a leftie. The black cop, Jesse L. Martin, is a real life racist Negro who, after Orbach left the show, immediately turned it FAR left,

Martin and the cooperative leftist writers began turning the scripts into anti-white, pro-Negro, RACIST scripts that quickly became sickening. So much so, that after Orbach died and Martin began spewing his bile, the show quickly expired.

BONES: Bones, like Boston Legal WAS a great show until the liberals mangled it, too. Bones like all the most recent shows, was literally torn to pieces by the far, FAR left liberal actors, turning it into a propaganda fest for lefties.

Let’s have a look at the outrageously idiotic attempts liberals employ to try to fool people these days. But they are fooling no one.

The head of the prestigious Jeffersonian Institute, Dr. Saroyan, was, of course, a FEMALE NEGRO.

The U.S. attorney? A FEMALE NEGRO.

The assistant director of the FBI? A MALE NEGRO.

One lab assistant, a MALE MUSLIM, dated Dr. Saroyan, the FEMALE NEGRO.

Another lab assistant, a MALE WHITE, dates Dr. Saroyan’s FEMALE NEGRO daughter.

And the small talk in the workplace between characters always ended up with quips regarding -- you got it! GLOBAL WARMING!

And so it goes…

What finally did it was an asinine episode in which the libtarded writers and actors spent the entire show attacking a pseudo character of Rush Limbaugh!

This show veered so far from its course, it fried itself. The liberals destroyed Bones, too.

WHITE COLLAR: White Collar also saw its better days, but the one thing that really grabbed me, was the outrageously absurd casting of one of the FBI agents.

The stupid ass liberals cast Diana Barrigan as a FEMALE MUSLIM. Oh, did I forget to say that she was a female Muslim LESBIAN? Oh did I forget to say that she was a PREGNANT, FEMALE MUSLIM LESBIAN? And don't forget, she was an FBI agent, too.

Just like in real life.

Now, like all the rest of the shows liberals killed, White Collar is also history.

BLUE BLOODS: Blue Bloods is a GREAT show, if you can get by the refusal of the producer and writers to use anyone actually knowledgeable in NYPD procedures as a consultant. Other than the sometimes prodigious technical errors thereby introduced, the show is terrific.

BUT… As always happens when a show becomes popular, I perceive for now at least, a (slight) turn to the left. And if it is not nipped, it will grow and despite Tom Selleck’s presence, liberals will kill this show, too.

One show focused on the liberal left tendencies of Nicki Reagan-Boyle (Sami Gayle) and her liberal mother, Erin Reagan-Boyle (Bridgette Moynahan). Whenever the family gathers at the dinner table, Nicki leaps to the defense of anything and everything left and/or liberal. And her mother is of course, quite liberal.

That’s how it always begins. In a very subtle way. Slowly. And then it suddenly leaps out at you and makes you puke.

If they do that to Blue Bloods, like all the rest, they WILL kill the show. People will not tune in to watch leftist ideology.

In one season, probably in a test to see how much viewers would bear, Tom Selleck, that stalwart of strength and a guy who we never thought would capitulate to the sewer and cancer that is Hollywood's liberalism did just that.

Selleck bowed to the onslaught of vile political correctness and demeaned Blue Bloods.

I’ll just touch on the essentials because you can read the entire sordid story if you click on the link below,

VomitIn that nefarious episode Selleck, or more correctly the leftist liberal writers, as happens in just about every show scripted by twisted liberals these days, espoused a bunch of crap about… GAYISM!

This is the coming thing in Hollywood -- in fact in our nation -- an attempt to thrust gayness, transgender freaks, and similar vomit into television shows of all types.

Because, you see, despite that these deviates number below four percent of the population liberals act like they number 103 percent!

It was bad enough to watch and listen to Selleck repeat what his masters told him to say because he could have refused to say it. After all, he’s the show! But then came the infamous coup de grace.

While speaking to A CATHOLIC NUN we hear her 'proudly' tell Selleck that she used to be a dyke -- as she mentions her previous “girl friend!”

And that was too much. It IS too much!

The sheer hatred liberals have for Catholics and religion is incomprehensible, and it manifests itself daily on these disgusting scripted shows.

Read the following and see whether you agree.

Read More

CASTLE: Castle had been on a while and because it like the others became extremely popular, it was time for the liberals to act. and if they continue they're gonna kill the show.

Oh, there’s the usual liberal stupidity alright, like the photos of Obama hanging all over the place, but one episode really grabbed me. Now I’m convinced these people are mad. They are insane. Hopelessly insane.

When the show launched, the police captain was a BLACK MALE. So when he was killed, of course the logical choice was to replace him with… a BLACK FEMALE. And of course, counter to what occurs in real life, they gave the black female a day-to-day role in micro-managing cases. That NEVER takes place in real life NYPD.

The liberal lunacy kept on increasing, episode-by-episode until it reached a crescendo that became unmanageable. Over the top idiocy. Sheer liberal lunacy!

In one episode, the libs went stark, raving mad. In the plot they cast as the vice president of a large, well-to-do company held in private hands by a white family a FEMALE BLACK. Just like in real life, eh?

And then, for no reason whatsoever other than to try to shove their racial agenda down the throats of America, when the police brought a couple in for questioning they were of course, a MALE WHITE and FEMALE BLACK. A "zebra" couple Also just like real life.

The final season began with an OUTRAGEOUSLY MORONIC promotion for the star. She miraculously was promoted from detective to captain. Like Blue Bloods, there are zero technical advisors in this show because that is impossible. Can't happen. Ever.

You see, there's one small problem. Detectives are NOT a rank in NYPD you reach by testing. It is a 'rewarded' rank, given usually for outstanding work, good arrests, and yes, 'who you know.' So before she could become a captain there's the small matter of her first taking a promotion test, scoring high enough, waiting for a slot, and only then becoming a sergeant.

Oh yeah, and then there's the small matter of another test to become an actual lieutenant.

And only then can she test for captain, the highest rank for which a written test is offered in NYPD.

But in liberal land, nonsense is the order of the day. And don't tell me "It's television!" It is supposed to be real. But whenever liberals get control of anything, nothing is real.

C'mon, liberals, give us a freakin' break -- how about st least some accuracy and realism...

What to do?

The next time you watch your favorite show, open both eyes and I guarantee you too, will become enraged at what liberals are doing.

Then STOP WATCHING! When that happens, sponsors will withdraw their support and the shows, like those above, will fold.

That's all libturds understand. Hurt their livelihood!

Stop supporting liberalism. It is killing the United States of America.

We're flying these flags because liberals tell us we can't.


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